Online E-Package for Gr7


Gr7 Math comprises 36 drills with 6 unit tests. Most of drills are problem solving, with rising level from simple, medium, to challenging. Each drill is timed from 20 to 30 with varied lengths. Drills can be attempted twice for improvement. Each test is timed 40 min.

Gr7 Reading comprises 30 drills for vocab builders 30 sets of reading comprehension. Each drill (20 min) is designed to help students to self-learn 20 vocab words without dictionary.  Each set (30 min) of reading comprehension has a reading passage with 6 to 10 questions. The reading passages are exciting articles in science, technologies, social study, arts and literature, etc.

Upon completion of each drill/test, the parent will receive a grade report, while the student will receive points report. We adopt a unique reward system to motivate the students for more work. Their efforts will be accumulated as points, which they can use to purchase their desired goodies.

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