No Time to Slow Down

No time for game-fatigue, so why zoom-fatigue?

4 Yes's

  • Each word is delivered directly to the ears of each student equally.
  • It offers better focus for a self-motivated student. 
  • Online whiteboard provides the highest clarity by using shared document, or annotation, which cannot be attained by real whiteboard.
  • Responses can be received from students instantly via Zoom chat facility.

4 No's

  • No distraction from any chatty conversations.
  • No worries about any unintended absence with the recording available upon request.
  • No time wasted in drop-off and pick-up overhead.
  • No concern about any safety hazards.

Comments/Observations Made by the Students;

  1. AS: I like the class size here. I enjoy the students in my class. They are well-behaved and disciplined. The teachers seem to be more prepared than my school teachers.
  2. JL: The computer to me was only for chatting with friends or playing games. This is the first time for taking the zoom class here because of quarantine. Without interruptions, I can stay focused on learning. The teachers are knowledgeable. They can share screen/document to keep the students on the same page. The explanations and annotations on the screen make so much sense than school whiteboard.
  3. MK: I started the Zoom lessons in Dr. Li's program since the shutdown in March. Even though I have only 50 min fir a lesson a day here, I have to finish a packet about 10 pages for each lesson. One day, I came acroos of a stack of paper in our garage. I could not believe these packets were all done by ME.
  4. SP: Our school work has dropped subtantailly due to the shutdown. My mom is much worried about the diminishing learning resources.  So, she signed me up for Dr. Li's Online Shool. My resistance decreases everyday when my level of math/reading/writing improves gradually. A small drop of water will accumulate into a big pond. Honestly, I hope the situation can be prolonged, so that I can keep learning from this online school.
  5. XC: Most of kids complain about the work. For me, I began to like the homework assignment from Dr. Li's online program. Each day, I always need to ask my dad for the packet. It seems I have to beg him for work. But, you won't understand how fun these packets could be until you try some. Each packet came with answer key. I can even check the work myself. The work help me to reinforce each lesson passing by.
  6. SS: I enjoy the writing program a lot. Not just a grade, my teacher will highlight anything for improement. She even provided great comments for my revision.