Molly Zhang, RM/IB, Math IIc, June 2013

Dated on 6/25

I got a 800 on my SAT II Math test. Thank you so much!

Molly Zhang (Sophmore)
(Stanford Univ., Class of 2020)
Overall, I felt as if the Math Level II test was relatively easy, if you were familiar with the types of questions that you would encounter. At first, I was scared because I had been studying from the Barron's review book and the practice problems were difficult. I was pretty confident that I had a pretty good understanding of the content, but when I took the practice tests, I was only about to get a score of 760-780. In addition, when I was taking the Barron's practice tests, I often went over the one hour time frame. Thus, I became more and more stressed out, afraid that I would not be able to do well on the actual test. However, after attending Dr. Li's, I was able to grasp a better understanding of what the test would actually be like. Through the practice test that Dr. Li provided, I was able to perceive the types of questions that would be on the test. I was also able to discern specific ways that the test makers would praise certain questions. Dr. Li also taught us many tips, and through my encounter with so many problems, I was able to familiarize myself with both the content and format of the test. I was confident that I would be able to earn a score of at least 780. Thus, when I finally took the real test, I was more relaxed and self-assured than I had first expected to be. As a result of Dr. Li's preparatory class, I was able to master the concepts present on the test, as well as the techniques necessary to obtain an 800. When I walked out of the test room, I knew that I had done well; I only left one question blank, and with that one exception, I was not stuck on any other questions. I may have made a few silly mistakes, but overall, I was confident that I would get an 800. This is all thanks to Dr. Li's class. With his help, I was able to overcome any obstacles I may have faced and achieve my goal of a 800 on my first SAT II.