Liz C, RM/IB, SAT Chem 800

I went to Dr. Li's for SAT 2 Chemistry Prep throughout the month of September and October. I got a 800 after doing multiple practice tests at home and through the ones the teacher gave us during class. Thankfully, the test this time was relatively easier than the ones we did in class so the practice tests helped me by making sure I was extremely ready for the test! Thank you so much and sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I was busy with college applications due November 1st.

Here is my sharing:

For a while, I have always heard marvelous things about Dr. Li's SAT program and his SAT2 math classes. However, when my mom told me she had signed me up for Chemistry SAT 2 classes, I was skeptical. I had heard nothing about these offered classes and thought, "how much more could I learn?" Right from the start, my teacher proved me wrong. He taught me secret tricks and techniques to scoring higher on the standardized test and finishing faster so that I had more time to review, which was a crucial weakpoint for me, personally. Every week, I did a practice test in class and afterwards, my teacher would go over questions we missed, but that was not all. Often, he would go through the test while we were taking it and circle questions that he knew most kids miss. Although sometimes, none of us had missed those questions, he would still cover them and in this way, taught us different ways to see the problem. I assumed that there was no point in reviewing questions I had gotten correct, but through his review, I learned faster ways to go about the problem and ended up with a higher score each week. What I admired about my teacher in particular was that he went overboard to help us understand the concept thoroughly, never missing any open spots. The course motivated me to work harder so that I could prove to my teacher that I was improving thanks to him and I was. I felt great pride in seeing my scores soar and took the official test with ease and confidence that only my teacher was able to give me.