Kevin Zhu, Math IIc, June, 2013

Hi Dr Li,

         I got my score today and got an 800 on the math sat 2.

Dated on Jun 6

Hi Dr. Li,
   You asked me at the review session to email you my thoughts about the math SAT 2 I took on Saturday 6/1, so here they are. Sorry if it is a little late I completely forgot about it until today. I felt that the Math SAT 2 I took was fairly easy. In terms of difficulty it was pretty similar to the practice test packets you handed out in class. A difference that stood out to me however was that the makeup of the actual test was slightly different than your tests. The real test had more of an emphasis towards geometry-oriented problems than your packets, but the problems were still consistent with the difficulty level which was fairly easy. Overall I felt your packets did a good job at providing at reflecting a realistic and accurate representation of the real  test, but could be tweaked to better reflect the content makeup of the real test.
Kevin Zhu
Hi again Dr Li,
    I don't remember much about the SAT II questions specifically however I distinctly remember two questions. One was a question that was about a triangle based in a coordinate plane. The y intercept of the triangle was (0,4) and the line y=x cut through the triangle. The question was to find to area of the triangle above the y=x line. The other question I remember is one about two spheres of differing diameters and asked what shapes their intersection could be. There was also a question involving a cone that I remember, but it wasn't very difficult.
Kevin Zhu
July 8, 2013
My First Step Toward Perfection
My experience in Dr. Li’s Math SAT II class was an overall very enjoyable. The class was nicely structured with a lot of opportunity for improvement. Dr. Li helped us identify were we needed improvement through his many thorough and well-designed practice packets. We were able to identify our mistakes and immediately correct them with Dr. Li’s guidance. He reviewed any problems we had trouble with and was very clear, concise, and confident in his teaching. The practice packets he gave us were very close to the actual test and covered all of the material on the actual test. Dr. Li also covered the structure of the actual test in depth. He went over the time constraints and also gave us some general advice to heed to ace the test. The learning environment was enjoyable as there was not really any tension or stress that was caused by the class itself. In addition, Dr. Li was also very supportive and encouraging during the course. After Dr. Li’s course I had more of a perspective on my abilities, what my score on the test would be, and what I would need to work on to improve. This helped me to move up my motivation for an 800. As the test date drew near, Dr. Li provided a final review session right before the test. It was then that I became extremely confident in my chances in getting an 800. I took another practice test at the review session and got an 800 and Dr. Li went over any questions I had, including those from my Barron’s review book. Overall I was very happy with my results and am immensely grateful to Dr. Li for helping me to achieve my goal of an 800 on the Math SAT II.