Kevin Q, (Wayside โ†’ Takoma Park)

A Reflection of My GT Application Process
My experience of the GT application process was very long and hard. At school, I focused harder on math, reading, writing and science. Outside of school, I went to Dr. Li summer camp and fall GT prep.

At the summer camp, I wasn't very suited to the hard questions and problems in both math and reading. For me, the homework was very hard, but I didn't take efforts to understand them. At the end of the summer, there were tests and I didn't do very well on them. It was then that I realized that the competition was and would be very, very intense.

After the fall semester began, I went to Dr. Li Fall GT Prep. I was more serious about the GT application and I asked more questions to the teachers in Dr. Li's school and my own school and also to my parents. I took Dr. Li's homework more seriously. There was one Saturday that I forgot my homework folder at Dr. Li's school. Next day, Dr. Li drove back to school to find the folder for me. He talked to me about putting more efforts on learning math and its impact on my future. I worked harder and harder. My math was improving, and so were the other subjects. Then came the month of the test. I did well on the practice tests for GT at Dr. Li's, but I was still nervous about the big test at Takoma Park Middle School. My parents encouraged me to redo stuff from the summer and fall GT prep that I didn't do well, then I thought I was ready.

When I went to the testing place, I actually saw people from my class! It sort of encouraged me because I knew that I wasn't the only person from my school testing. As the test staff led our group to the testing room, I grew very nervous. I was so afraid I would fail! When the test started, I found out the test wasn't actually that hard, it was the time limit I had to worry about. I just tried my best and if I got stuck on a problem too long, I skipped it and came back if I had time.

A few months after the test, I got a surprise in the mail. I'm admitted to both Takoma Park and Eastern Middle Schools!! I decided to go to Takoma Park and learn more advanced math and computer science. I'm so excited about the new school! Thank you to Dr. Li!