Katie K (Roberto Clemente → RM/IB)

Dr. Li’s GT High School Prep experience was extremely helpful in my successful acceptance into all four magnet programs. With the effective Math, English, and Writing components of the program, I was able to advance my skills prior to the test.

By working in math packets and completing challenging drills, my abilities in the Math field were reinforced and strengthened. The many concepts I knew and understood became more developed and reminded me of the many ways to solve different problems. Additionally, I learned new tactics that aided me in both time and strategy. Dr. Li’s keen and detailed explanations of these methods and the problems from both the packets and the drills were exceptionally useful for my understanding. Overall, I gained a deeper insight into mathematics and this program especially trained me to react and approach different problems efficiently and effectively during the test.

Furthermore, the English portion of Dr. Li’s program was useful for both vocabulary and reading comprehension. By reviewing and studying several pages of vocabulary from the packet each week during the class, I was able to remember advanced words that I used in my essay. Additionally, we read several sophisticated texts of all subjects, and discussed strategies that helped me to analyze and answer questions with more speed. The teacher made sure that the class understood different aspects of the texts before moving on so that we could all interpret them easily. In all, the English portion of the program greatly helped me in not only speed, but also in analysis and vocabulary.

The Writing aspect also helped to strengthen my abilities on the essay. By practicing different grammatical components, such as finding mistakes in sentences, I was able to compose an essay with little-to-no grammatical errors during the test. Additionally, as we wrote practice essays about varying topics each week, I was able to practice my writing skills and also gain feedback—the essays we wrote were graded and handed back, and always had useful considerations for future essays. This detailed process advanced my grammar and writing skills, and in general greatly helped me to achieve a perfect six out of six on the writing portion.

Overall, Dr. Li’s GT Prep was exceedingly helpful in my success. I learned several lessons, such as ‘there is never too much practice or hard work,’ that will greatly remind me to do my best in everything I strive for. In all, the strategies and skills that I gained from this program are extremely valuable, and I know I will continue to use them in the near future.