Katherine K (Roberto Clemente→ Poolesville )

While taking the Magnet test for Richard Montgomery’s IB Program and Poolesville’s Science, Math, Computer Science House; Global Ecology House; and the Humanities House; I discovered that Dr. Li’s prep classes were a big help. I was accepted into the Humanities House and waitlisted into the IB Program, SMCS House, and the Global Ecology House. The practice packets provided by Dr. Li and his program encouraged me to study and to really focus on my weaknesses. I believe that this process that Dr. Li uses helps students to balance their math, logic reasoning, and English skills. In this way, I was able to greatly improve in math, my weakest subject, and help me to greater improve in logic reasoning and English. Dr. Li helped to become a balanced student, and all of my skills improved.

I have been through the Humanities and Communications Program at Roberto Clemente Middle School. In this program, I have been fortunate enough to have teachers willing to help students prep for high school magnet testing. Dr. Li’s program and study packets we received aligned with testing prep materials we received in school. The prep test that we completed at Dr. Li was also very similar to the test for High School Magnet.

I believe that not only did Dr. Li help me to succeed on the high school magnet test, this program helped me to grow as a student. During this program, I received materials that help me to become a better math student, especially at school. I also had teachers who were more than qualified to teach me about subjects that are not taught in school. So not only was I able to succeed at the High School Magnet test, I was able to become a better student with a wider view on how to solve problems. I also discovered much more connections from education to real life situations. Overall, I would recommend Dr. Li to anybody looking to improve their skills in math, English, or logic reasoning. I would also recommend Dr. Li to anybody looking to succeed on any high stress test and to anyone hoping to become a better student.