Jennifer Lee / Clear Spring ES ⮞ Roberto Clemente MS (2020)

Math    99 percentile
Reading    98 percentile
Reasoning    perfect score for quantitative & 99 percentile for non verbal

Note: The sharing was submitted shortly before receiving her acceptance. She is delighted moving onward her academic track.
Grinding and studying for the magnet school test was remarkably ambitious. I was put in numerous programs, one of which was the Dr. Li Magnet prep program. This program developed me enormously for the test and made the test seem somewhat manageable. Unfortunately, I failed to make it to the program. However, I've mastered many skills and obtained much knowledge.

Not receiving admission to this magnet program has made me very dispirited. Although this has been a very depressing time, I've learned to reset my mind to the future. Doing this, I can think about what I can do to improve myself in the future rather than only considering the discouraging letter I've received.

Before my results arrived, I was an emotional wreck. It was a controversy between what was to come. I was already melancholy at the terror of not being accepted but ecstatic at the fact that there's hope I could be accepted.
In the future, I will concentrate on my academics throughout the school year. I still believe that there's hope for students who didn't gain acceptance for the magnet program. Therefore, if I am working hard in my local middle school, I might be accepted into a magnet middle school. Having hope helps me focus on the present and working hard for future goals.

The "competition" for the spot in a magnet program is exceptionally fierce. It is not simple to get accepted. I've discovered that you cannot exert only 100% you must give 110% at least to all the academic work you do. Not only must you do that, but you must be attentive to all directions during the CoGAT test. During the CoGAT test, you only get 10 minutes to do 20-30 questions. Not only answering the questions accurately but also be conscious of the time limit.
The prep program at Dr. Li was very beneficial to my scores for CoGAT. In one of my sections in the CoGAT test, I earned a perfect score. I genuinely feel that the queries I received in Dr. Li were transcendent practice for the real test. If not harder, the packets were almost identical to the CoGAT test. The prep program made an impact on my test scores for CoGAT and additional tests like MAP.

I wish that when I take my magnet acceptance exam for high school, I will be more experienced. The phenomenon of being rejected can also be as valuable as getting in. It can prepare you for other events like college applications. There is a genuine possibility that you will not get accepted to every school I apply for. Therefore, I am appreciative of the experience of denial.

I feel that I gave this test my total 100% and more. Though this magnet program rejected me, I think that it has helped me with my academic career. Studying for it has provided me a dream and something to work for; it has given me an academic drive. As said various times, I am very grateful for this experience. Looking back on it, I feel advantaged being rebuffed from the program.

In retrospect of the experience, I sincerely believe that the Magnet prep program is propitious nevertheless.  It will not only increase the scores for CogAT magnet middle school but for high school Magnet, PSAT, ACT, and SAT.  It is profoundly likely that I will probably use some of the same skills in tests utilized for pre-employment screening in the future.