Ivy Maker

This advisory program is created for the ambitious sophomores to map out the college admissions to avoid any missteps and maximize the time investment.

What is unique about our services?

  • We help you to found a club or business, the key ingredient for your Ivy qualifications.

To enjoy the greatest advantages in your college applications, you MUST plant some early seeds of success. Here is the checklist needed for your dream colleges starting from now on:

  • the must-read books
  • the most beneficial courses
  • the awards in different categories
  • the most innovative ideas to stand out in EVERY line
  • the most valuable extracurricular activities with founder, co-founder, or high ranking leadership roles

Who will be your mentor?

  • One of our outstanding alumni

What are the ways of engagement?

  • Email
  • Zoom meeting
  • Office meeting

What do we offer?

  • We share state of the art in the top colleges.
  • We offer individual consultation upon requests.
  • We host contant (weekly or biweekly) seminars for mind blowing.
  • We will send out reminders for milestones needed by each student.
  • We will keep the portfolio up to date with the student's achievements.

How long does this program work?

  • one whole school year

What are the direct benefits for the students? Through the interaction and consultation, each student will be expected:

  • More responsible
  • More vigilant
  • More thoughtful
  • More mindful
  • More communicative (outspoken)
  • More leadership in any interviews


Camp Site (No mailing here): 
Zoom (Online)
Needed for assignments/quizzes
Group discount for more successes