Ivy Leaf Community

The Ivy Leaf ommunity is comprised of parents with open minds and high ambitions for their children as the future candidates for mega success. Ivy Leaf serves to help the potential candidates to develop the following characteristics in early stage,

- personality and confidence

- demeanor and depth

- literature and humanity

- interpersonal communication and leadership

- ingenuity and daring

Parents within our small community will enjoy sharing brilliant and unique ideas and opportunities among ourselves and our children. Parents will have the opportunity to provide special seminar lessons on a volunteer basis. Parents will also participate in group chats and discussion. We are looking to connect like-minded parents together in order to brainstorm better ideas for our students' futures.

As Ivy Leaf members, parents will enjoy learning and sharing alongside their child(ren). Interesting topics not limited to the following ideas will be explored:

  • Next-level effective time management.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • College applications and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • College financial planning.
  • Concepts in financial investing.
  • Owner vs employee mentality.
  • Differentiating between assets vs liabilities (financially and otherwise).
  • Living a fulfilling and accomplished lifestyle.