Ishita C (Roberto Clemente → RM/IB)

Before the magnet test in the fall, I attended Dr. Li’s Magnet Test Preparation class. This class was very beneficial in guiding me towards success in the high school acceptance test. I especially found the essay writing lessons to beneficial. At the beginning of the sessions, I would get zeros on my essays. Many people also got zeros around this time. So Dr. Thompson, one of the instructors, decided to incorporate lessons on the proper structure of an essay and how to create well developed essays. These lessons guided me and the other students about how the essay should be structured and that the directions should be followed thoroughly i.e. literary examples should be utilized in the essay. Due to these lessons and tips, my essay writing skills were greatly enhanced. By the end of the session, I received varying scores from seven through ten. My latest and highest score was a ten out of twelve showing that I tremendously improved over the course of the sessions. Another aspect of the lessons that was abundantly efficacious was the math drills. The explanations that Dr. Li gave after the drills were completed were benign to improving my speed at solving math problems. My first score on one of the math drills was sixteen out of twenty-five or sixty four percent. As the sessions progressed, my scores started ameliorating because of Dr. Li’s guidance and teaching. My final score on the last math drill was twenty-six out of thirty or eighty seven percent. The instruction on the logical reasoning was also advantageous to my success. This instruction prepared me well for the logic questions on the test. Without this practice, I would have struggled on the logical reasoning section of the test. My struggling would have led to the wasting of valuable time. Overall, Dr. Li’s Magnet Test Preparation class taught me that while taking standardized tests, the time allotted should be used wisely so that valuable time is not wasted. Without the training given by Dr. Li’s classes, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of being accepted into a magnet high school.