GT8 MAP Coverage

Math Coverage:

The Number System    
    Rational vs. Irrational Numbers
    Approximating Irrational Numbers
Expressions & Equations    
    Properties of Exponents
    Scientific Notation
    Solving Problems Involving Scientific Notation
    Square & Cube Roots
    Compare Proportions
    Understanding Slope
    Solving Linear Equations
    Solving Systems of Equations
    Solve Linear Equations with Rational Numbers
    Solving Systems of Equations
    Systems of Equations in Real-World Problems
    Comparing Functions
    Linear Functions
    Linear Function Models
    Analyzing Functions
    Transformations of Points & Lines
    Transformations of Congruency
    Analyzing Transformations
    Transformations & Similarity
    Interior & Exterior Angles in Geometric Figures
    Verifying the Pythagorean Theorem
    Pythagorean Theorem in Real-World Problems
    Pythagorean Theorem & Coordinate System
    Finding Volume: Cone, Cylinder, & Sphere
    Transformations of Angles
    Transformations of Parallel Lines
Statistics & Probability    
    Interpreting Data Tables & Scatter Plots
    Scatter Plots, Line of Best Fit
    Analyzing Linear Scatter Plots
    Relatable Data Frequency

English Coverage:

Reading Standards for Literature    
    Textual Evidence
    Objective Summary
    Analyzing Literature
    Meaning and Tone
    Compare and Contrast
    Producing Suspense and Humor
    Media and Literature
    Modern Fictions and Traditional Stories
Reading Standards for Informational Text    
    Making Inferences Based on Text Evidence
    Central Ideas
    Connections and Distinctions
    Technical Meanings
    Determining Meaning of Words
    Analyzing Structures in Text
    Author's Point of View
    Publishing Mediums
    Evaluating Author's Claims
    Conflicting Information
Writing Standards    
    Introducing and Closing Topics
    Supporting and Developing Topics
    Appropriate Transitions
    Headings and Graphics
    Varied Sentence Structure
    Precise Language and Sensory Details
    Task, Purpose, and Audience
    Gathering Relevant Information
    Citing Information
    Quoting and Paraphrasing Data
Language Standards    
    Adjectives and Adverbs
    Subject-Verb Agreement
    Phrases and Clauses
    Active and Passive Voice
    Using Verbs in Moods
    Mood in Verbs
    Context Clues
    Roots, Affixes and Syllables
    Multiple-Meaning Words
    Reference Materials
    Using Context to Verify Meaning
    Interpreting Figures of Speech
    Relationships Between Words
    Denotations and Connotations
    Domain Specific Words