GT8 Exam Prep (Application Essays Included)


Once in a lifetime, you have to give the highest priority to this life changer.

Application essays will be reviewed and polished.
All issues will be properly addressed.

This prep will WELL cover their needs on MAP tests as well as the CogAT test (if existent).

This prep will build the foundation for SAT, beyond the MCPS magnet selection.

This prep will change their attitude toward academic excellence.

This prep is a new class by itself.
We will use a condensed set of materials.

Math: 1 hr
Verbal: 1 hr
Writing: 1 hr
Morning: 9-12

1    9/17 (pretest/review)
2    9/24
3    10/1
4    10/8
5    10/15
6    10/22
7    10/29
8    11/5
9    11/12
10    11/19

Why we are so successful in GT8 Prep?
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From Google review:

Take the last year for example. Due to the pandemic, Magnet and IB program testing was canceled, and what remained was a tiny little essay to talk about who you were. I think Dr. Li’s preparation course was crucial in the crafting of a good, coherent essay, and had I not taken that course, and written the essay based on my own thoughts upon the prompt, I might have not been as successful as I had been. Dr. Li’s course provided guidance with writing the application essay, as well as general information on writing any essay. It was a very good experience overall.



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