GT3, GT5, GT8 Magnet Test Prep - MAP and CoGAT

July:   Molecular Center (10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100)
Augst:   USG Campus 

Hall of Fame (GT High School)

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Dr. Borman (English)

Dr. Li (Math)

Dr. Li (More fun)

Daily activities: (The sujects order may alter.)

GT3 Prep (rising Gr3)
GT5 Prep         (rising Gr5)
GT8 Prep          (rising Gr8)  [Geometry]

Who should be interested?
Any ambitious students (rising Gr3, Gr5, or Gr8) with high aim at GT programs in the dream GT programs. Due to the high competition, the admission rate is only 12% on average. Summer offers the best opportunity to polish and relish. Your desire is our mission.

All materials are included.

Each session uses unique (non-repeated) materials/curriculum, in consistent design, ascending in levels. Each session lasts 2 weeks. More parents choose two or more sessions to attain visible results.

GT Prep courses offered on session (2-week) basis
These classes cover the major concepts taught in school, as well as a number of topics that have not received adequate attention in the regular school curriculum. This will lay a strong foundation to allow the students to excel in their academic endeavors.

Math: These classes will cover numerous math topics in contests or assessment tests. Students will learn problem solving techniques and critical reasoning skills necessary for the math problems on the test. In addition, quantitative reasoning MAP and CogAT format are also included.

Vocab/Reading: Sentence completion, analogies, and classification will be covered. These problems test a student's vocabulary, critical thinking, and facility with the English language. This may be the most challenging battery for those who are stronger in math and visualization.  Students will progress through 4 levels of vocabulary (4 sessions) while learning important reading comprehension skills. In addition, MAP and CogAT formats are also included.

Writing/Grammar: Creative writing builds on writing and language arts skills that students acquire throughout their school years. Students are encouraged to develop their own “voice” by exploring various genres of writing including short stories, mysteries, poetry, and scriptwriting, among others.

Quiz: Students will be given short quizzes on a daily basis. The questions on the quiz cover the topics taught in the previous class. Parents are advised to stay posted about these quiz scores since they are an effective way of making sure that students are absorbing the lessons in class and benefiting from them.

Exam: They will be offered tests on each subject (math, reading, writing) once a week. Exam review will bring them back to the test situation and face their errors/deficiencies. They need to learn how to fix them, psychologically/mentally, in order to improve their test performance.Please contact Dr. Li for questions/inquiries.

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USG Bldg III, MD 20850 (Microwave + Cafeteria)
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