GT Early Gr 1 & 2 (whole day onsite) for 2023 Summer Camp

Camp Site (No mailing here): 
10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850

Without repetition, each session uses unique materials/curriculum, in consistent design, ascending in levels.
Each session lasts 2 weeks.
More parents choose two or more sessions to attain visible results. 

All materials are included

The status of the current schools curricular:

In a friendly gesture, public schools are marking the curriculum easier for every one. As some parents feel relieved since the challenging parts are trimmed, even more parents are concerned about the growing deficiency of math nutrients along the new curriculum. These parents are dissatisfied with the trend of down-grade.
Early GT Prep/Cognitive Skills Development:
We offer GT Prep CogAT/NNAT courses, for rising 1st, 2nd graders. This program helps build students cognitive skills required for Gifted & Talented exams. Good scores are required to qualify for the GT screen tests.
Math: Skills about basic numeric operations are essential. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and simple division will be included in a fun manner. For instance,
  •   12 + __ + 10 = 31
  •   21 - ___ - 10 = 9
  •   1 - 2 + 3 - 4 + 5 - 6 + 7 - 8 + 9 = (any quick way)
  •   2 x __ = 10
  •   10 / __ = 2

Problem Solving:

You name it. We can turn the problems inside out and upside down. These questions will make the smart kids smarter. Problem solving and geometry will be the next opener for these young minds. They will need to comprehend through reading and interpreting, then apply the numeric skills to solve these problem. Just some examples,

  • Dave is 6 years old. How old will he be 3 years before 7 years later?
  • How many triangles are needed to have 21 sides?
  • A number of foxes are chasing three ducks. These foxes and ducks altogether have a total of 12 feet. How many foxes are chasing?
  • Todd had some gum. Danna gave him half as many as he had. Now, Todd has 30 gums. How much did he have originally?
  • John won a prize of $30. He generously shared his money equally with himself and his two sisters equally. How much did he keep for himself?

Vocab/Reading: Learning vocab through picture is more efficient than dictionary. They will learn a large amount of vocab words to lay out the foundation for reading and comprehension. The classroom interactions will make them excited. These challenging words will help them to become future avid readers.

Writing/Spelling: To ability to describe things are source power for expression. Through class interaction and stimulation by the most experienced teachers in the early GT development, these young students will aspire, transpire, then show their desires for communication.

Quiz: Students will be given short quizzes on daily basis. The questions on the quiz cover the topics taught in the previous class. Parents are advised to keep posted about these quiz scores since they are an effective way of making sure that students are absorbing the information presented in class and benefiting from it.

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Camp Site (No mailing here): 
10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, MD 20850