GT Core Course Curriculum 2019-2020 (New)

After politicians' continued efforts of lowering academic requirements, curriculum 2.0 has become a hallmark of the country's sinking educational foundation. As school systems under-utilize the potential of students in their prime elementary and middle school years, high schools are concurrently expanding their AP course offerings. When these two conflicting trends clash, the beset high school teenagers must choose either to humble their ambitions, or to grit their teeth for survival.

After witnessing these recurring cruelties unfolding on students over two decades, we propose to tackle this widspread dilemma by reversing the downfall of elementary and middle school educational standards in the first place. We plan to offer supplements for the motivated students in elementary and middle school for the future competitive high school environment.

You should be really worried if your child is not bored by the school work. A glimpse of the striking contrast will help you understand what should be done NOW!
MCPS Grade Math sheet here.
GT After-school Math packet here.

In the new school year (2019-20), we are pleased to implement our newly engineered curriculum shown below.