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We will help the student move ahead to acquire knowledge learned at Gr 8. Through advanced exercises including vocabulary words, better reading skills, and computation, the students will exhibit noticeable improvement and will be fully prepared for their middle school careers. Expect exposure to challenges, excitement, and positive critical thinking skills!

MAP-M (G7) Math Coerage:

Ratios & Proportional Relationships    
    Unit Rates
    Understanding and Representing Proportions
    Finding Constant of Proportionality
    Represent proportions by equations
    Significance of points on graphs of proportions
    Applying Ratios and Percents
The Number System    
    Rational Numbers, Addition & Subtraction
    Rational Numbers, Multiplication & Division
    Solving Real World Problems
    Add and Subtract Rational Numbers
    Additive inverse and distance between two points on a number line
    Strategies for Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
    Rational Numbers As Quotients of Integers
    Strategies for Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers
    Converting Between Rational Numbers and Decimals
Expressions & Equations    
    Applying Properties to Rational Expressions
    Interpreting the Meanings of Expressions
    Solving Multi-Step Problems
    Modeling Using Equations or Inequalities
    Linear Inequality Word Problems
    Scale Models
    Drawing Plane (2-D) Figures
    Cross Sections of 3-D Figures
    Finding Area, Volume, & Surface Area
Statistics & Probability    
    Sampling a Population
    Describing Multiple Samples
    Mean, Median, and Mean Absolute Deviation
    Mean, Median, and Mode
    Understanding Probability
    Predicting Using Probability
    Using Probability Models
    Finding the Probability of a Compound Event
    Probability Models from Observed Frequencies
    Represent Sample Spaces
    Simulate Compound Events to Estimate Probability

MAP-R (G7) English Coverage:

Reading Standards for Literature    
    Prove it! (With evidence from the text)
    Use those clues - make an inference
    And the point of this is...?
    What is it all about?
    One thing leads to another
    When and where?
    Who or what?
    A matter of attitude
    How it's made and what it means
    What a character!
    Based on a true story - history and fiction
    Laughing and screaming - humor and suspense
    Finding patterns - comparing and contrasting
Reading Standards for Informational Text    
    Key Ideas and Details
    Get right to the point
    Relationship between people and events
    Getting technical
    How is it built? Analyzing structure
    What's the author's angle?
    Comparing Media
    Equal? Alike? Different? Comparing authors
    What's the author's point?
Writing Standards    
    Beginnings and endings
    Building your foundation
    Getting from here to there - transitions
    A picture is worth a thousand words
    Mixing it up - more interesting sentences
    Say what you mean
    Who are you talking to?
    Measure twice, cut once - the importance of planning
    Take another look - revising your work
    Taking a closer look - editing
    Sifting through the nonsense - finding information
    Give credit where credit is due
    In your own words, or not
Language Standards    
    Managing modifiers
    Good sentences are built on agreement
    Phrases and clauses are coming to town
    To be...and other verbals
    With a capital C - Capitalization practice
    Express yourself with punctuation
    Figuring it out with context clues
    How to Look it Up
    How to look it up
    Re+view - Roots and Affixes
    Give it a shot - figures of speech
    We're related - word relationships
    Would you rather own a boat or a yacht? Denotation and connotation
    Using Coordinate Adjectives
    Precise and Concise Language
    Consulting Sources
    Learning and Using Academic Vocabulary

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