GT 6 After-school (onsite or online)


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We will help the student move ahead to acquire knowledge learned at Gr6 or 7. Through advanced exercises including vocabulary words, better reading skills, and computation, the students will exhibit noticeable improvement and will be fully prepared for their middle school careers. Expect exposure to challenges, excitement, and positive critical thinking skills!

MAP-M (G6) Math Coverage:

Ratios & Proportional Relationships    
    Unit Rates
    Solving Real World Ratio Problems
    Solving Unit Rate Problems
    Expressing Ratios
    Measurement Conversion
    Finding Percent
The Number System    
    Division of Whole Numbers
    Operations with Decimals
    Using Common Factors
    Positive and Negative Numbers
    Representing Negative Numbers
    Absolute Value
    Coordinate Plane
    Ordered Pairs
    Number Line & Coordinate Plane
    Rational Numbers in Context
    Interpreting Absolute Value
    Comparisons of Absolute Value
    Division of Fractions
Expressions & Equations    
    Expressions Involving Variables
    Writing Equivalent Expressions
    Identifying Equivalent Expressions
    Equations and Inequalities
    Modeling with Expressions
    Solving One-Step Equations
    Whole Number Exponents
    Representing Inequalities
    Quantitative Relationships
    Identifying Expression Parts
    Evaluating Expressions
    Solving One-Step Equations
    Surface Area and Volume
    Coordinate Geometry
Statistics & Probability    
    Statistical Questions
    Graphs and Charts
    Central Tendency
    Data Interpretation
    Describing the Nature
    Context of Data Gathered
    Relating Data Distributions

MAP-R (G6) English Coverage:

Reading Standards for Literature    
    Development of ideas
    Analysis of key events and ideas
    Conclusions drawn from the text
    Summary of text
    Overall development of ideas
    Characters responses and changes
    Develop setting
    Figurative words and phrases
    Connotative words and phrases
    Meaning of words and phrases
    Author's purpose in a text
    Comparing author's writing to another
Reading Standards for Informational Text    
    Cite textual evidence to support analysis
    Analyze how people, events, or ideas are presented in text
    Central idea of the text
    Determine technical meanings
    Structure of text
    Determine author's point of view
    Evaluating arguments in text
    Compare/contrast one author's presentation with another
Writing Standards    
    Convey ideas and descriptive details
    Sensory language conveyed
    Introduce and conclude the topic
    Transitions to clarify
    Introduce headings and graphics
    Vary sentence style
    Style appropriate task, purpose, and Audience
    Develop and strengthen planning
    Develop and strengthen revising
    Develop and strengthen editing
    Gather information from multiple sources
    Credible sources
    Information that is quoted and paraphrased
Language Standards    
    Correct use of Adjectives and Adverbs
    Correct subject-verb agreement
    Recognize pronouns
    Recognize and correct shifts in pronoun number and person
    Recognize and correct vague pronouns
    Recognize variations in English
    Demonstrate command of Capitalization
    Demonstrate command of Punctuation
    Correct Spelling
    Vary sentence
    Maintain consistency in style and tone
    Determine the meaning of a word
    Consult reference materials
    Use common roots and affixes
    Use context clue to determine word meaning
    Use clues to determine multiple-meaning words
    Interpret figures of speech
    Use relationships to better understand words
    Distinguish between word associations and definitions
    Use grade appropriate words

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