Gautom Das - Tokoma Park

My Journey to Success
from Beverly Farm to Takoma Park MS
Gautom Das, Rising 6th Grade

     I have always wanted to get accepted into to get Takoma Parks Middle School magnet program but I knew the test wasn’t easy. The only reason I may have got into the magnet program was Dr.Li’s program. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of commitment. Though, it was all worth it. It took twelve weeks of studying and 3 hours every Saturday doing writing, reading and math.

     The first time I ever went to Dr.Li’s program was during the summer where I was doing math instead of playing video games. There I also prepared for the magnet test. In school I rarely get a challenged, but at Dr.Li’s program I got challenged and practiced different problems, which helped me a lot at achieving my goal of getting accepted to the magnet program. I found the program challenging 99.9% percent of the time and it let me practiced problems that I know but cannot practice in school. Then when school started again I went to the weekend classes of Dr.Li’s program. It was every Saturday for three hours. There it focused more at practicing problems in test style. There I practiced more and more. Dr.Li’s test showed us how well we are doing. The test which he gave us was hard, but it was nothing like the GT test. Soon the day of the test came and I was quite nervous. When I started the first GT test it seemed so simple, compared to what Dr. Li made us do. But then again I thank him for that. The test was a breeze and I was sure I did well. But the only way for me to know was for me to get the letter that I got accepted.

     Soon February came and I was anxious for the letter. One day the mail man arrived with a letter. At first I was scared to come down stairs, until I heard I got accepted and that feeling was just amazing. I didn’t know how to react and there was just an unexplainable feeling in my body. Finally I would get challenged at school and I would learn new things that I did not know. All because of Dr.Li and my parents.



By: Gautom, Das