Extra Services for E-Test

Read the following tips carefully to avoid any extra services.

[Account info]
You will receive a greeting message from Dr. Li first.
"ME Online: Summer Greetings" (from smartdrli@gmail.com)

Then shortly after, the account info will come along with the subject:
"ME Online: New User Account" (from info@mathenglish.com)

If you receive the greetings, you should receive the account info as well.
However, the second email is generated by the system, not by human, so likely to be spammed or junked esp. by yahoo or cooperate firewalls.
Caution: For hotmail, outlook, live email users, please be recommended to use a gmail or yahoo account for the time being.
If you cannot find this message, don't be frustrated. You may recover it from the spam or junk folder. Or, you may check "All" for all incoming message.
In your email setting, you may create a filter/folder with designated sender: info@mathenglish.com.
Once you get the user account, take immediate action:
1) log in immediately (you may take the test later)
2) save the child's username
3) save this message for future use
  • Report any problem within 24 hours to get free service.
  • After 24 hr, any problem reported will receive (paid) service when you add the following item to the shopping cart.
[Reset password]
Any forgotten password can be reset by using the child's username, normally, firstname_lastname (case insensitive).
Click on here. Then,  select "Get a new password?"
It is free on your own. So, you have to make it easy for yourself or learn how to resetting a password with other parents. The cost is $10 only if you need administrative help.
[Take the test]
The rest is simple. Let them enjoy the timed test. Remember, once the test is started, it will be timed till the end. No cancellation is possible. If you get hung up by a test, you may request to retake a test, which will cost $10.
[Test result]
You will receive the test result only if the "Submit" button is pressed. Forgetting to submit before timeout will cause an undisirable "0" on the test result.

Lastly, wish you a nice and pleasant E-test.