Elizabeth, C, RM/IB, Math II 800,

Last Name: C.
First Name: Elizabeth
Current School: Richard Montgomery High School
Current Grade : Gr10
Achievements: SAT2
SAT 2 Subject with score: Math IIC – 800Test Date: 2014-06-07
Latest Date of Attendance (< 150 days from now): 2014-05-31

Since I had never taken classes at Dr. Li's before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was already confident in math but I knew there were some areas I needed work on and I couldn't afford to make mistakes on the actual subject test. In addition, I had taken the math classes required for the level 2 math test a long time ago so I had forgotten some topics. My diagnostics test wasn't the score I had hoped for but with a weekly practice test, I saw my scores tremendously improving. I went from the diagnostic 760 to 800s right away. My goal was the perfect 800, so I was glad. Each test is not the same as some focus on certain areas more than the other tests, so they provided security in getting a good score. The tests got me prepared to expect anything on the subject test and not to leave unknown areas out. I was especially weak on geometry areas but the way Dr. Li taught it seemed so simple that I was amazed the answer was that easy to get. In accordance with the time, Dr. Li showed faster techniques as well as teaching us that we can depend on our mind than the calculator most of the time. He was very open and willing as a teacher and that encouraged my participation. He also extended class multiple times to be able to teach us more things, and I was highly grateful for that because it was his personal time he was taking to teach us what he wants us to know. The practice test resources were so helpful, and they helped me as good records to keep and look back over my mistakes. I was shy at first in raising my hand for questions I didn't know, but with Dr. Li's teaching skills, I gradually became more confident in telling him which questions I had trouble on. He also went over questions the class didn't ask, but ones that he thought would be tricky in the future and that definitely helped when I was taking the test. Also, he emphasized certain tactics to take and underlined the fact that we should write it down so I did. The notes deemed useful later as I was going back to my mistakes and making sure I didn't make them again. He reassured us we would do good, and because of that, the night before the test was not stressful. I felt prepared and ready to to take the test. As a result, these classes led to my successful score of a 800 on the math level 2 subject test. The test this year was a bit trickier than usual, but still included questions and techniques learned from our practice tests, so my score showed that and my progress. I highly encourage taking this class because it erases any doubts in your mind and makes you feel at ease taking this test. I was very satisfied with my learning experience and my score.