Elina Lee/Tokoma Park MS/Gr8/2019 Jan

Elina Lee
Tokoma Park
Grade 8

I heard about this particular contest from the Takoma Park Middle Magnet mailing list, and I decided to participate as I had done last spring. The only requirement was to read the assigned book, Pride and Prejudice, but I did not have the time to do so. That was very regretful, as I could have gotten higher scores in the English category.

This contest had a good test-taking environment with 90 minutes per section and a break in the middle. I liked how this was a paper test, instead of online or using an application on a device. This was a more proper technique and remains more traditional. The test began at 9:30 am, which helps to train students to wake up early. Students were also required to bring their own materials; just two pencils and an eraser. No calculators or other devices were allowed during the test, which also trains students to test-take properly with no distractions or aids.

I think this was a great experience to teach kids how to properly take exams and prepare them for more serious exams in the future. I liked how there was a cash or money prize for obtaining a reasonably high score on this test to encourage students to come learn with Dr. Li, and participate in more contests in the future. This greatly increases some students’ self-esteem and self-confidence, and motivates or inspires them to have a passion for learning. This will help in the future when students begin to apply for schools and internships. They can show that they performed exceptionally well on this contest, and additionally advertise for Dr. Li. I hope that I can participate in the next contest, as this was a great learning experience for me, and encourage others to do so as well.