Eddie F (Fox Chapel → Roberto Clemente)

Dr.Li’s program helped me in that, with its aid, I was able to successfully make it in to my magnet program of choice. The program enhanced my knowledge on important subjects for the test. I am amazed in Dr.Li’s program as it not only helped me in my preparation for the test, but in other scenarios as well. I learned anything from difficult pre-algebra concepts to writing skills that improved my essay writing in general. Seeing so many other worthy students in the program told me that there was going to be a lot of competition.

I had a sense of safety as I approached the testing location. I felt that I was prepared. I knew that given the amount of competitors, even the smallest mistake could result in me landing in the waiting pool. Not only was I able to complete all the problems, but I was able to check all the problems as well. I felt very confident that I could make it in to any program, whether it was Math Science, or Humanities. Dr. Li’s program was able to guarantee my confidence.

During the week of the results, I would constantly check the mail for my results. Finally on February 12th, I saw in the mail, a letter with the Roberto Clemente mascot on it. My first thought was “What if I don’t make it in?” I finally got enough courage to open the letter. Then I saw the sweet words of victory. “Congratulations”. I felt so accomplished and saw that I had made it into the program that I wanted, the Math Science program. Although I wish to pursue a career in the math and sciences, my studies in Dr. Li’s program also improved my reading and writing skills. I’d like to thank Dr.Li’s program one more because I couldn’t have done it without it. Dr.Li’s program is the best!