E-valulation (Online Math/English Test)


Objective: You must know how your child is doing in math and English after the long adjourn caused by the pandemic.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation on a student's capability in math and English. The test is only conducted online format. The timer will be set on when the test is started. The student can take the test any time and anywhere. The test report is available right upon the submission.

Math:    (70 min)    100 points

English:  (70 min)  100 points

Total: 200 points

Test Scores: Available right after the test is submitted by the student. 

Self-Review: The student/parent can study the questions after the submission. The review will be closed in a week afterward.

Confidentiality: Guaranteed. We are honored to protect the confidentiality for each record.

Consultation: Freely available upon request after the test.

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