Daniel Chen, TJ, SAT2 Math 800

Before entering the class I was not prepared for the SAT at all.  I was weak when it came to tests with time constraints.  One week before entering the prep, my score on the Math 2 was a 690.  With my previous experiences with Dr. Li's prep classes, I knew he was a very effective and intelligent teacher.  His powerful teaching methods help ingrain key concepts and understand his helpful derivations.  I previously attended his TJ and SAT prep classes, both of which provided excellent results, so I knew I had to go to him.  After this prep class, I was very confident knowing I was taught all the best test taking strategies by Dr. Li, given so much practice, and reviewed all the key concepts from Precalc.  During the test, I did not struggle with the time at all.  I found shortcuts and methods for solving many questions without a calculator throughout the test as Dr. Li heavily stressed which gave me a great advantage.  After the test, I knew the prep classes helped immensely.  The class really helped my confidence and improved my overall math skills that will also serve me on the general SAT and in school.  What I most liked about the class other than the fact that it helped me for the SAT 2 and my Precalc final exam, was that it was extremely efficient.  Every minute of the class was dedicated towards helping me achieve my goal.  The practice tests and teaching methods used were very effective.  There was no homework for the class which was really beneficial given my busy schedule during the school year.  That goes to show how helpful the class was and I highly recommend it for everybody.