College Seminar

Don't just Dream a dream.

Let's help you build a dream, now.

Don't just sit tired and bored.

You can tunnel through your speculations and fears by opening up your vista.

You can steer through a new trajectory by working with reality.

They are going to provide the first-hand information on:

  • how to become a finalist in National Merit Scholar Program?
  • what advantages you can get from taking SAT1 or SAT2 when they are not required,
  • what are happening on the "campuses" now,
  • what talents are most chased by the top schools,
  • what you should do NOW to secure your greatest advantages.

In 6 days, you are invited to embrace the future with the best academic coaches and our alumni.

    1. 6/20    2 - 4 pm
    2. 6/27    2 - 4 pm
    3. 7/11    2 - 4 pm
    4. 7/18    2 - 4 pm
    5. 7/25    2 - 4 pm
    6. 8/1    2 - 4 pm

    Aside from the seminar, we will schedule (1 to 2 hrs) window for each individual to Zoom meet with the counselors.

    Outcome from this seminar: An executable plan leading to your college applications.

    Site Location: (No mailing here):