Christopher Wang/Rachel Carson/Gr4/2019 Jan


My Experience with Math&English Contest

Name: Christopher Wang
School: Rachel Carson
Grade: 4


My experience with the Math contest was great! The contest was fantastic and challenging.  The math contest was very tricky so I had to pay attention to what I was doing. However, the difficulty was not too hard that I couldn’t solve them.  I think the math contest was for me.  Sometimes, I chose an answer that looked correct but when I checked my work it was wrong. The contest also had open-ended questions so it was fair to the students who didn’t guess the answers to problems.  The math contest wasn’t too easy that I got bored but also wasn’t so hard that I got frustrated and couldn’t solve the problems. Also, the contest included open-ended questions, which meant I couldn’t avoid putting in an effort to earn 3rd place and $50.  The contest was fair to non-guessers because guessers could get lots of points on multiple-choice questions.  The test taught students many skills.

My experience with the English contest was also awesome! The contest was extremely challenging because no books were allowed and we had to complete the test from memory. The book for Grades 3-5, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, was very interesting and great literature for anyone to read. The English contest also had an essay, which was good practice for writing. The test taught students how to write a good essay and be capable of remembering the text from memory.

I would recommend both tests for students. The tests are challenging and stimulating.  The experience was awesome and the contest books were interesting. The test is a great way to spend some extra time and the difficulty is perfect.  Lastly, the test taught students many valuable skills for the future. In conclusion, the Math and English test was amazing!