Chris P, Fredrick HS, SAT II Math, 800, June 2017

I really enjoyed taking Dr. Li’s prep class and felt as if it was vital to my success on the test. I remember feeling skeptical when I first came into class since there was only a practice test on my desk - no notes, readings, theorems, etc. However, over the course of the next several weeks, I became accustomed to the format of each class, which was run very efficiently with time after each practice test to review. This system of test and review, test and review, and test and review ended up being helpful to me for a couple of reasons.
First of all, I found that the best form of studying for a mathematics test, or any test really, was practice on more mock exams, with full explantions. Especially in the case of Dr. Li, I found myself being able to solve harder and harder questions at a faster pace due to all the practice he gave in class and provided for homework. Also, I learned how to manage my time correctly and solve the test efficiently. The prep course was structured exactly like the SAT Math 2 Subject Test, so I knew exactly how much time to budget per page, how to mark questions I was confused about, how to make the most out of the option choices, and how to check if my answers were correct. Finally, Dr. Li’s reviews aimed to refresh knowledge, not teach new concepts. This was very good for me, as I already had a strong foundation in the mathematics tested and needed help with only a couple of questions.
It is important to note, though, that Dr. Li’s techniques are also very unique and time-saving. Even if you know how to solve a problem and understand why your solution works, Dr. Li also provides a couple of unique strategies when dealing with certain sequences, graphing quadratic functions, and working with polynomial expressions, just to name a few. These methods save a large amount of time and were strategies I had never known before. When the day of the test came around, I felt relaxed and prepared for the 60-min test. In fact, I was in such a rhythm that I managed to have about 20 minutes left after answering all the questions, a feat I had never accomplished during Dr. Li’s tests! This was because of how easy the questions were compared to the practice, how good I was at managing my time, and how proficient I was at the content areas. In summary, I believe that if you have a good understanding of the math content and are thinking of taking the SAT Math 2 Subject Test, then you should definitely sign up for Dr. Li’s prep class. The experience may be gruesome at first, but your hard work will pay off - big time.


-Chris P., Rising Sophomore at Frederick High School