Change/Cancellation Request

All changes (including cancellations) should be requested no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the enrolled session.

  • We provide both online and onsite accesses.
    You may switch from online to on-site, or from on-site to online without extra cost.
  • The first change (of schedule) is free.
  • Any additional change will cost $45.
  • Withdrawal (cancellation) can be requested 2 weeks in prior to the start day. You will receive partitial refund, in the amount of your payment less the cost ($125).
  • Cancellation by saving credit will not incur any charge. The credit can be used in future program without expiration.

Each request will be honored only if the form is filled out. You will receive a copy of this form through your email.

Send your request in the following format to minimize the errors.

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