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For those rising 4th graders, a great opportunity is lying wide open in front of them. For GT MS, the seeding year is in 4th grade as the harvest year is in 5th grade. If your children are looking up for the best environment for challenges, it is time to consider a new setting to improve their academic exposure and their chance of acceptance.

This will be the prime year for your rising 4th grader to lay out the foundation to attempt for one of the following GT magnet middle schools.

  • Takoma Park MS
  • Eastern MS
  • Roberto Clemete MS

Gifted Fourth Graders will be given a curriculum that will begin advanced middle school preparation. Using a unique blend of rigorous mathematical, analytic, and verbal training methods, students will be exposed to challenging material. The mathematics portion of the Gifted Fourth Grade program will include adding mixed numbers, calculating probabilities, and more. Verbal emphasis will be placed on advanced writing composition, and building a solid middle school level vocabulary that will prepare students for an advanced middle school education.

The curriculum in whole year is geared toward the Entrance Exam for GT Middle Schools in 5th grade.

To get the best out of 4th grade, you may choose

  • 2-Day plan
  • 3-Day plan
  • 4-Day plan
  • 5-Day plan

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