GT 3 After-School (onsite or online)


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This will be the year for your rising 3rd grader to get the acceptance letter from for one of the following GT magnet elementary schools.

Gifted Third Graders are lucky enough to have grasped the basic principles of mathematics and verbal skill– enough to perform simple operations and master more challenging problems. An advanced mathematics and verbal curriculum will be provided to enhance the third grade student and prepare them for a level that will exceed their peers and typical school curriculum. Prepare to be challenged! Mathematics curricula include multiplication facts, line graphs, adding decimals, and more. Verbal skills will include interesting sentence completions, advanced reading and writing skills, and public speaking.

MAP-M (G3) Math Coverage:

Operations & Algebraic Thinking    
    Understanding Division
    Understanding Multiplication
    Finding Unknown Values
    Applying Multiplication & Division
    Multiplication & Division Properties
    Relating Multiplication & Division
    Multiplication & Division Facts
    Two-Step Problems
    Number Patterns
Number & Operations in Base Ten    
    Rounding Numbers
    Addition & Subtraction
    Multiplying Multiples of 10
Number & Operations - Fractions    
    Fractions of a Whole
    Fractions on the Number Line
    Comparing Fractions
    Equivalent Fractions
Measurement & Data    
    Telling Time
    Elapsed Time
    Liquid Volume & Mass
    Measuring Length
    2-Dimensional Shapes
    Shape Partitions

MAP-R (G3) English Coverage:

Reading Standards for Literature    
    The Question Session
    Tell Me Again...
    Caring Characters & Lifes Lessons
    Calling All Characters
    A Chain of Events
    Setting the Scene
    Figurative Language Expressions
    Parts of One Whole
    Whos Talking Now?
    I Can See It!
    Alike and Different
Reading Standards for Informational Text    
    The Main Idea Arena
    Cause and Effect
    Educational Expressions
    Special Text Parts
    What Did You Already Know?
    Connect the Dots
    Explicitly Comprehension
    Informational Illustrations
    Compare and Contrast Important Points and Key Details
Writing Standards    
    Introducing and Closing Topics
    Make Your Ideas Clearer
    Connecting Ideas
    Lets Talk!
    Its Part of My Purpose
    Making a Plan
    Lets Make It Better
    Grammar Mistakes
    I Need to Learn More
    Write It Down!
Language Standards    
    People, Places, and Things
    Replace Those Nouns
    Show Me the Action!
    Tell Me More!
    Make It Make Sense
    Mix Up Those Sentences
    Capitalization Dedication
    Punctuation Education
    Impressive Possessives
    Compelling Spelling
    Syllable Patterns
    What’s Your Reference Preference?
    Connect the Word for An Effect
    The Context Clue Crew
    Same Name, Different Game
    The Roots and Affix Institute
    Making Words Work
    Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions
    Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns
    Awesome Abstract Nouns
    Simply Simple Verb Tenses
    The Comma and Quotation Dilemma
    Differences in Spoken and Written Language
    Referring to References
    Shades of Word Meanings
    Connecting Related Words
    Vocabulary Acquisition

Address (No mailing here): 
10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850
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