GT1, 2 After-school (in-person)


Calendar and Schedule

For those rising 2nd graders, a great opportunity is lying wide open in front of them. The GT screen test, normally held in mid December, is the most exciting event for most expecting parents. The parents of the participating students will receive the test results (in percentage), indicative of the potential candidacy of the future GT magnet program.

MAP-M (G1, 2) Coverage:

Operations & Algebraic Thinking    
    Add and Subtract Problems
    Groups of odd and even numbers
    Addition using rectangular arrays
Number & Operations in Base Ten    
    Three digit numbers
    Count in hundreds
    Count within 1000
    Read and write numbers to 1000 using base-ten numerals
    Compare two three-digit numbers
    Add and subtract within 100 using place values
    Add four two-digit numbers
    Add and subtract within 1000
    Mental addition and subtraction in steps of 10
    Bundle of Tens
    Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work
Measurement & Data    
    Measuring length of objects
    Measure length of object using two different length units
    Estimate lengths using different units of measurement
    Compare the length of objects
    Addition and subtraction word problems within 100
    Represent whole numbers as lengths on a number line
    Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks
    Solve word problems involving money
    Generate measurement data
    Draw graphs to represent data
    Recognize and draw shapes
    Partition a rectangle into rows and columns
    Partition circles and rectangles

MAP-R (G2) English Coverage:

Reading: Literature    
    The Question Session
    Recount stories
    Describing Characters
    Figurative Language
    How is it Written?
    Point of View
    I Can See It!
    Alike and Different
    Reading: Informational Text
    Ask and answer questions
    The Main idea
    Connect the dots
    What Does It Mean?
    Special Text Parts
    The main purpose of a text
    Informational Illustrations
Reading: Informational Text    
    Reason it out
    Compare and contrast
    Reading: Foundational Skills
    Decode the words
    Comprehend the text
    Understand the purpose of the text
    Use context to find the meaning of words
    People, Places, and Things
    Language conventions
    Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns
    Reflexive pronouns
    Past tense of verbs
    Simple and compound sentences
    Understand Language conventions
    How is it Capitalized?
    The Comma and Quotation Dilemma
    Use an apostrophe
    Spelling patterns
    Consult reference materials
    Use knowledge of language and its conventions
    Formal and Informal language
    Same Word Different Meanings
    Prefix and Suffix
    Adjectives and adverbs
    The Context Clue
    Roots and Affixes
    Connecting related words
    Find the meaning
    The meaning of words
    Usage of words
    Shades of Word Meanings
    Vocabulary Acquisition
    Introducing and Closing Topics and connecting ideas
    Produce, publish and research
Speaking & Listening    
    Collaborative conversations
    Describe key details and ask or answer questions
    Tell a story or recount an experience


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