AP/Honors Tutoring for a "5" or "A"


We will accomodate your selected schedule, at your preferred pace, we will provide the instructions one-on-one.

You may freely select 1, 6, or 12 lessons (each with 1 hr) for multiple subjects.
E.g. 6 lessons = 3 lessons of History + 2 lessons of Chem + 1 lesson of Math

The student may send to the instructor

  • the questions (in PDF) ,
  • the book pages (in photo/PDF),  or
  • topics of interest (in email)

so that the lesson can be carefully prepared for the best outcome.

Tutoring Request

Math Video Samples

  1. Algebra 2
  2. Geometry: Similarity and proportion
  3. Geometry: Right triangles and the theorems
  4. Limits
  5. Derivatives, Trigometric Identity, Logarithms
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