Anuhya P. Centennial HS, 2300, Feb16'

Name: Anuhya P.

School: Centennial High School

SAT Score: 2300
SAT Math: 770
SAT Writing:  780
SAT Critical Reading: 750

Essay Score: 11


Like many students throughout the nation, I have always been apprehensive about the SAT. Apprehensive might be a euphemism, actually. Terrified, stressed, worried- these emotions are more accurate. The SAT, I’ve been told, is, arguably, the most important test I will ever take in my life. No pressure right?

Overwhelmed, and suddenly bombarded by the fact that I was going to have face this dreaded test, I had no idea where to begin my preparation. My parents wanted me to attend an SAT prep class. Thus, in the winter of my Sophomore year, began the enormous task of researching and finding a good prep class. My Mom heard from a colleague of hers about Dr. Li’s camp and how successful students who attended this camp became. We signed up for it; my parents enthusiastically, me not so much. While I understood the importance and necessity of this class, I didn’t want to spend 2 weeks of my summer waking up early and travelling to study for the SAT’s.  Yet, when the camp began, I was immensely surprised on how much I learned each day and how engaging the classes were.

The teachers, especially Dr. Li, who taught math, and Dr. Thompson, who taught writing, have great strategies on how to approach various SAT questions, and how to formulate a study plan. Even though, at that point in my life, I had the knowledge and information to do well on the SAT’s (ex. Math concepts, reading skills etc.) I did not know how to effectively apply them to be successful. The teachers did an amazing job instilling this crucial skill. For example, the SAT math section encompasses math concepts up till Algebra 2. Yet, the SAT’s have a creative way of implementing these math concepts, which often stumps many students. To help, Dr. Li would often gave us out-of-the-box questions that would require logic and creativity to solve them. At first, these questions stumped most people. However, in the span of just 2 weeks, I could see immediate results, not only in my scores, but almost all the kids’ scores. And in english, Dr. Thompson highlighted questions and concepts in a way that, when I took my test, I could immediately find the answer. Dr. Thompson also taught me how to write my essay in a coherent and eloquent way. Not only did he stress the importance of ideas, but he also emphasized writing technique, word choice, and voice. Without this, I would never have scored an 11 on my essay. Most importantly, however, their expert approach truly decreased my stress and anxiety about this test.

The skills and lessons I learned in Dr. Li’s camp have translated into my schoolwork as well. When I’m faced with a difficult math question in Calculus, I remember Dr. Li demonstrating creative ways to solve math problems, and I approach the question in a different, simpler way. My writing and grammar has evidently improved, and I see this reflected in my school essays and papers. I am forever grateful for Dr. Li’s camp for teaching me strategies and skills I needed to succeed when I took this test.