American History


1:00 - 2:30 pm

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All required reading can be found on the internet.

Student will be required to produce notes and read and speak from their notes.


To educate the student in the distinctives of American History. America is a young country, if measured from colonial times, a mere 400 years old—if counted from our Revolution only 240 years old. And yet, arguably America has become the most productive and creative culture in the history of the world.

What caused this to be so?

At the conclusion of this course, students will command a set of facts and memorized materials that will give them a decided advantage in their understanding the America. They will be able to explain in summary the history of the United States, but more important, the student will be able to explain what is unique and fundamental to IDEA OF AMERICA, why it has succeeded and why there are tensions in the fabric of the republic.

Colonial America


The Whole World is ruled by Kings: Then comes America

The 1. Historic, 2. Religious 3. Intellectual roots of America

Distinctions amongst the 13 colonies

Different religious backgrounds and purposes for the colonies

The Enlightenment vs. the Reformation

The origins of slavery in America

The America Revolution and the Ideas underlying it

Discuss Declaration of Independence

The causes of the America Revolution

Discuss the idea of government based on the nature of man

Discussion of Thomas Jefferson

Discussion of George Washington

Brief overview of the Revolutionary War

The American Constitution and Synthesis.

Completion of the American Founding

Student Questions.

Discussion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Legal Source of the US Constitution in the history of Britain and the American Colonies

The Civil War: Battles and Heroes

Discuss Ulysses S. Grant and Lee

Battle for Control of the Rivers

Anaconda Blockade

Southern Foreign Policy

Class Discussion: This is Bastille Day: How is the

America Revolution Different from the French Revolution?

Synthesis: What is the American Story? Is there something unique and admirable about it?



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