Akshay K (Rocky Hill MS → Poolesville)

The first time I ever heard of the magnet program was in fifth grade. At this time, I didn’t really understand what these programs meant to others, and how greatly these programs changed the lives of ordinary students. It wasn’t until I participated in Dr. Li’s program that I really felt what it was like to be competing with an entire county.

The first classes of Dr. Li’s program were difficult, and almost impossible. The quizzes were designed to challenge students, and really show how rigorous the exams for Poolesville and Richard Montgomery are going to be like. As the classes went on, I listened with the intent to greater increase my chances. The names of the teachers are Dr. Thompson and Dr. Li, who really made a difference in the chance of me getting in to one of these programs.

After the classes, it was time to take the most anticipated test of my life, the GT exam. The GT exam date felt so far away, that I felt that I had time to goof off, and just relax, but I couldn’t get myself to do that. I had to get in, using my knowledge and my determination. Getting to the classroom where I would take the test was the worst part. For me, I viewed the outcome of me getting into Poolesville or Richard Montgomery, as taking a fork on the left, to taking an immediate right. This was going on in my head until I arrived at the test location. As I sat down, staying calm was impossible, and my lungs were taking huge long breaths, that increased my heart rate to an intense speed. While I took the test, my heart raced, and I kept thinking, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” I almost didn’t finish by the 2 hour time limit. I only had two minutes to spare after I finished the long packet of questions.

Two months have passed, and the GT exam results weren’t mentioned until a rumor arose that the letters will be coming in a week. Many people have said that I don’t deserve to go to such a high level school like Poolesville, and this really made me believe that I wasn’t going to get in. I didn’t have that desire to get in anymore since so many people told me I don’t have the smarts to get in. Then the second week of February came in, and I couldn’t wait for the letters. Everyone was talking about them, saying to not jinx the possibility of getting into one of the best schools in the country.

It was Friday afternoon when the letter came, and many people have already texted me that they didn’t get in and that they were wait listed. This made me feel even worse about my chances, since those other students were probably more qualified than I was. I came home, anxious to see what I got. My mother gave me the letter, and I opened it carefully, not to tear the letter. I took out the letter, and began reading. “As you know, our program is funded to accept only a finite number of students in each ninth grade class.” At this point, I felt that this was a rejection letter, but I read on, and this is what the letter read.

Magnet Program Applied Invitation to Program

Global Ecology


Science, Math, Computer Science

I couldn’t believe it. I actually was accepted to one of the hardest and best schools in America. I began jumping around and shouting, and my family began jumping around and shouting with me. Again, I couldn’t believe that I could get into a school like this, but I still was accepted. I immediately said right after, I guess that Dr. Li knows what he’s doing. Without Dr. Li’s class, my knowledge, my determination, and many other things, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this amazing feat. I did open the Richard Montgomery letter, and I was wait listed, but that didn’t matter anymore. I’d like to thank Dr. Li and Dr. Thompson for helping me get on the right path to get into the Poolesville High School magnet program. And thanks to Dr. Li, who made me believe that there was still hope for me to get into these wonderful and amazing programs.