Applications for Private/Magnet HS

This is an online program to address your needs to improve your application essay. We are here to help your child get accepted by the elite private high schools or magnet high school/programs.

We provide:

- Reviews and suggested changes on the application essay


We help the applicant to answer the following critical questions:

- Why you are a well-qualified candidate?

- How do you become interested in this school/program?

- How the school/program is going to transform you in the next four years?

- What role will you, if admitted, play in the school/program?

How it works?

We will create an essay portal for your submissions and reviews until it shines. You will need to login to upload your essay and receive the reviews/comments.

Quick Turn-around:

The turn-around window is 12 hours. That is, if you submit in the morning, you will receive feedback in the afternoon of the same day.

How many times for revision?

5 times




Needed for assignments/quizzes