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How AP courses can help your SAT II subject tests?

If a student is serious enough about a subject and take the SAT II, they should enroll in the corresponding AP. Even though the honors coverage may be fine, but even if the student scores well on the SAT II, it won't help them in admissions. The admissions officer will see a lack of enrollment in AP courses-- particularly the ones in which the candidate is claiming strengths in, to be huge red flags, and an indication of laziness. No school wants lazy students, even if they are smart.

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Crucial Facts about SAT II

  • You can take 1 or at most 2 subject tests at a time.
  • 3 subjects will be sufficient for amy top colleges.
  • No point of taking the subject by getting under 710.
  • No need to retake by getting 780.
  • It is not impressive to have 720.
  • To score over 730 is not easy as you think.
  • Too costly (timewise) to take SAT II in senior year.

What differences can you expect from us?

  1. We point out the core problems.
  2. We offer the most efficient methodologies and perspectives.
  3. No drills of run-of-the-mill.
  4. No waste on boring and unnecessary lessons.
  5. You will experience the most efficient reviews for perfect scores.


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