Zoom Class Requirements

Zoom Lesson (with Moodle Space)

First of all, this student must be confident enough to enjoy interacting with Zoom. No expectation for the best outcome if otherwise.

1) Each student must display classroom assignment before the name on entry, e.g,
2) Each student must stay in a quiet room when taking a lesson.
3) If possible, avoid ear phone/bugs. Use speaker from the desktop/laptop.
4) Use a desktop/laptop/chrombook instead of an iPad for a Zoom lesson.
5) Make papers, notebook, pencils, eraser ready for use just like in school.
6) Each student must uncover the camera during a lesson.
7) Mute the microphone when listening. Unmute it before participation.
8) iPad may be more useful when taking quiz in Moodle.
9) Handouts in hard copy. All supplements are available in Moodle.

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