Math Teacher Training Program

In great D.C. metropolitan area, a shortage of disciplined math teachers is predicted within 2 years.

The need is fueled by the new SAT math design. 

With great passion and desire, Dr. Li is offering this math teacher training program.

Come join us if you enjoy teaching math and you want to be even better.

A total of 12 private hours to help polish your teaching techniques and make you a super star.

Dr. Li will create scenarios and challenges for you to handle.

Dr. Li will offer you advice to become more interactive with the students.

This program is looking for candidates who are

  • interested at teaching math class (not private tutoring)
  • pursuing teaching as the primary or secondary job
  • interested at running a tutoring center

Upon registration, you will receive a notice for an interview. After the interview, if it does not fit, you will receive full refund. If you decide to start the program, a personal training program will be set up for you (only).

The training program will consist of some homework assignments, as well as presentation assignments.

You will receive field assignments, which you will have the opportunity to be exposed in real classroom environment.

There will be a final exam in this training. By passing it, you feel more confident in yourself and you will become business partner with Dr. Li.

Before sign-up, you may ask Dr. Li questions first by using the form below.