Magnet Math Booster


As soon as learning about your math curriculum for freshman year, NO DELAY, you should be excited to get a major tune-up for some notoriously advanced math curricula such as honors algebra 2, honors pre-cal, magnet precal. DO NOT wait till countless nightmares creeping into your dreams. Based on our prior tutoring experience with magnet freshman students, this spring course is streamlined to help the students to get hands on the uphill math curriculum, esp. in GT magnet/IB programs, or well-established high schools.

In 12 lessons (Monday), you will be mentally able to switch your gear to the path of success. You are going to smile over your shoulder when peers are desperate for tutoring.

You will learn how to become a TI-pro as perk. Note: A unleash the power of your TI calculator, you need a master coach.

Time: 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

  1. 3/12
  2. 3/19
  3. 4/9
  4. 4/16
  5. 4/23
  6. 4/30
  7. 5/7
  8. 5/14
  9. 5/21
  10. 6/4
  11. 6/11
  12. 6/18
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