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Admission to the most elite American undergraduate colleges and universities is extremely competitive, and is becoming fiercer with every passing year. Historically, admitted students possess extreme strengths in each of the following areas of evaluation:
- A track record of academic achievement that demonstrates intellectual superiority, curiosity, and a willingness to take on new challenges.
- A track record of extracurricular and personal achievements that reveals aptitude outside of the classroom.
- A level of maturity that is beyond the candidate's years, along with outstanding moral character.
- A compelling identity that is unmistakable, possessing profound depth, and entirely their own.
Of these factors that are considered in gauging candidacy, only the first two items may be easily verified through hard evidence via test scores and academic transcripts. Personal recommendation letters and interviews aside, the remaining areas of evaluation may be most accurately answered by the candidates themselves -- through their own voices and expression.
All elite top colleges and universities pose a series of questions in essay format in order to evaluate candidate admissibility. In response to each question, the candidate is expected to address the prompt through the lens of an essay. Each essay response offers an opportunity for a candidate to shine in the eyes of admissions officers and gain critical committee votes. Ultimately, only candidates receiving a vote majority will be offered admission. For every prospective candidate, admissions essays pose an opportunity to shine or undersell an entire four-year high school career. The fact that college application essays play a critical role in final admissions decisions cannot be overstated.
Our team of college essay reviewers/graders is comprised of winners who not only possess first-hand experience of undergoing the rigors of this grueling process, but understand the perfect lens through which to help applicants portray themselves in the a unique light that is unmistakably their own -- fulfilling admissions committees' ever-growing desire to bear witness to the fresh strength of every incoming class.
Regardless how many schools that you are interested in and how many prompts must be addressed, essays may be grouped into the following packages:
1 Essay Package
2 Essay Package
3 Essay Package
4 Essay Package
Each essay will receive 3 (three) reviews, with deconstructive comprehensive commentary.
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